Do the Blog Thing


A million years ago, I had young kids, a Jeep, a wife who sorta loathed me and a job that bored me. And cable internet and a digital camera and a President that I kind of ranted about constantly. And stories. Lots and lots of stories. Usually stupid, mundane things. I wanted a soapbox to tell my … Continue reading

Wiener, wiener-wiener

Utah in four words: We're Scared of Wieners On Sunday and Monday, I got stuck in the SLC airport. This is urinal row. Notice the deep, tall partitions. You might see and silently judge the next guy by his shoes, but you will not catch a glimpse of his magic underwear or devil's hose … Continue reading

Whiskey, part 7

Tasty, but not so vastly different than regular, as much as I could tell, seven-year-old recollections being what they are. I swear to god, I only had two. That would have been fine, except for the pale ales, Sunbrus and that one goddam Kiltlifter. Kiltlifter is aptly named. Some … Continue reading

Don’t Forget Your Towel

Somehow I missed last month's 10 year anniversary of the end of my 3-year exile to Antarctica and the 2 years of recovering from frostbite. I may have been distracted by the then-looming slight possibility (something like two to the power of twenty-five thousand to one against) of ending a … Continue reading