FR 42

(Relax, there will be pictures soon)

Travis, Dave, Angel + me

Also: Socorro, Angel’s wife (also Jacquelina, their kiddo).

Also: Sami

Good: No guilt from Coldwater when I got home. Zero. No silent treatment. No yelling at the kids. No shots at me.


Ice cold Coors Light at the end of the run. Tasty. No one else wanted one (WTF?), so more for me.

No breakage – not even a scratch on my Anti-Granite Device

Scenery, camaraderie, blah, blah, blah

Saw a Gila Monster

Not so good: Sami had “skunk farts” for the last 1/2 of the trail

(related good item: no dog leakage inside the jeep)

  • Angel kept riding my ass on the obstacles, even after I asked him to stop
  • Open diffs made me look stupid in a couple of places
  • Ran a stop sign at 60mph. Empty beer bottle in the front passenger floorwell. Speed enforcement zone.

it was like being in Ann Arbor ca. 1981. As it was then, I could count on other people to obey traffic laws so as not to kill me. Unlike then, I didn’t actually mean to fly through the intersection.

(related good item: no cops or cross traffic)

2 thoughts on “FR 42

  1. OG Fred wins a prize!!!
    Fools in Jeeps are playing BOULDERhunter((c) 2004,me, all rights reserved). Like Curbhunter ((c) 1981-2004, me, all rights reserved), the goal is to get as close as possible to the subject of the hunt while driving as fast as possible.
    Unlike Curbhunter, you drink way too many beers AFTER, and not BEFORE the run, Doing it at night is BF Stupid (moreso than CH – see also “Spaceship”), and “fast”= 3mph a lot of the time. Also, there’s never any cops to outrun or pedestrians to abuse. There are also no 4-way stops to ignore and no conveniently-located vomit receptacles.

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