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(CC) Peggy Davis 66 (Flickr)
(CC) Peggy Davis 66 (Flickr)

Do you know this guy? Unfortunately, I cannot say a nice thing about him. He is on the other side of a lawsuit in another state. His motions sound like this (I am paraphrasing, but not making this up):

Because Defendants [my guys] breached a contract, they should not be able to argue that they did not breach the contract.

Huh? Oh, and my guys and I should be subject to sanctions because we said we didn’t breach the contract and then said his guys did the work OK. According to him, this is an admission that we lied and are wasting his time. Of course, we explained why doing the work OK was not enough to get paid, because there was paperwork to do, and no evidence that it was ever done. His response is “that’s stupid because I don’t want to understand it” and he has asked the judge not to let us argue that his guys dropped the ball.

In the simplest terms, it’s the “you suck, shut up. I win” argument that a 5 year old might make. Impressive. (And, by impressive, I mean “what a blowhard”!)

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