Alter Egos

Is it possible to have too many internet alter egos? (Am I really trying to sound like a SATC voiceover? Did I violate the Men Commandments by watching this show, even though I did it to a: make the wife think I cared so I would get laid (never worked) and b: because there was usually a naked chick or 2?)

Anyway, I just switched to MPuppet on a Michigan Wolverines bbs, in a shameless attempt to drive up my stats here. I decided not to bother posting my aliases there because I figure I will just establish new credibility.

For the record, I was:

liverd (dr evil backwards,but sooo 90s)

eminim (mini me, similarly stale)

ieatmonkeys (wanted to flame a regular without losing credibility)

otismoeller (michigan had a coach who was fired in ’95 after a drunken episode, hence the “Otis” part)

others that I created but didn’t use. Some of them, if you can believe this, are political, and unfavorable to our revered leader one that I won’t reveal that has unimpeachable credibility, so I use it sparingly (I have used all the letters of that AE in this post, so go ahead and figure it out)

There were lots of others, too on the previous version of the board (when you could use any name). Anyway, confession is good for the soul, so there you have it. Anything more serious won’t be posted for the vicarious disinterest of my three (actual) or 6 billion (potential) readers.

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