Asatru – better than LDS?

My kid has a friend who is LDS, and is mercilessly recruiting my child. (These freaks will tell me it’s a cult.) I’m thinking Asatru might be a better choice – historical connection, no special underwear, no planet of your own to rule as a (small g) god. Plus, I read up on some Baptist stuff and they are a big bag o glass (not so fun) themselves. What kind of buzzkill will Presbyterians and Methodists turn out to be?

BS rhetorical question for the day: Why is religion so somber and dull, and religious celebrations so stilted and fake? Are those forced smiles or are you really thrilled to sing bad songs (choral or fakey-60s pop) for an hour? Is God a wet blanket, or just his followers? Man, I got lots of questions!

History/Founder: Although Asatru is an ages old traditional religion of the Norse there is not a continuity of practice. The modern revival of Norse Heathenism dates to the nineteen-seventies, when poet Gothi Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson petitioned the Icelandic government for official recognition of the faith…

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