People own me? WTF?

So I am doing this blogshare thing, where you e-trade e-shares for e-money.

I (Wink Dinkerson, star of stage and screen, author of countless brainless screeds and founding member and lead bassist of the Mutant Dog F***ers) started with $500 e-dollars.  I now have 514 e-dollars (thanks to some shrewd trading in purple car futures) and a bunch of stock, so I am worth $5k.  In other words, this is exactly like my credit card debt except backwards ands upside down.

Anyway, people I do not know now e-own me (or rather my blog).  Creepy.  I guess I will have to go all Enron on these people and their pretend money, so that I can e-retire to Gilligan’s Island

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