Whelping score card – 13

Some of you are keeping score. As of sometime this year, my sister Buzzkill is up to 13 kids. All singles. I am a bad relative because I cannot name them all, although I can distinguish between the oldest and youngest. I can name the first 5 in order, but that only proves that I stopped paying attention AFTER about 1994. I checked the math and she has been pregnant (stacked end to end) longer than I have known my spouse.

Buzzkill obviously did not get the bulletin from these folks.

2 thoughts on “Whelping score card – 13

  1. This is totally true except that her name is not Buzzkill – that is just a description, and I can probably name 11, but will screw up the order on the back half. She is the functional equivalent of a Mormon or a Catholic as far as the “rationale” for having all these kids (although this has nothing to do with rationality) and for her chosen method of birth “control” (which is imaginary).

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