I am a corporate sellout…

I have hidden a discreet commercial (as opposed to political) advertisement somewhere on this blog.  It may take days for you to find it.  Anyway, does that make me a sellout?

Why am I offering to burn up bandwidth for commercial pap?  I will tell you exactly why…

Just as soon as I figure it out.

3 thoughts on “I am a corporate sellout…

  1. wow. are you actually earning money for that? If so, isn’t it a good sign? that is, you’ve “hit the bigtime” – a company finds your blog legitimate enough for an ad?
    This is kind of exciting, in a way. I suppose other HUGE bloggers have had ads up for a while, but this is different somehow. When I figure out how it is different, I’ll let you know.

  2. No $ – I just went here and coied some code. I’ll be taking the kiddies to see this thing next weekend. If it sucks, the ad is off. Actually, it may leave sooner, since there is no $$. What has Shrek/Dr. Evil/Wayne Campbell ever done for me?

  3. For reasons that may be difficult to fathom (only if you are JackDova’s brand new 5/22/04 kid), I killed the ad. But, I have replaced it with fluff, so you won’t be missing anything.

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