Presidential offspring

Apparently, they are fair game.  T (not A) shots of Kerry’s kid are all over the net.  If this is fair, where are pix of the Bush twins?  (Besides the drunk in Austin set from a couple years ago.)

Sometimes you need to be thankful for paparazzi restraint – case in point: Amy Carter

4 thoughts on “Presidential offspring

  1. OH STOP. I grew up with Amy Carter. I remember seeing her on TV during the campaigns and she was riding her tricycle or bike with training wheels, just like me.
    OK. She had big coke-bottle glasses on and was quite fair skinned and had a strong smile. A little awkward in the looks department, but hey…
    I guess she still looks the same. She’s probably quite rich. Does that help?

  2. She probably has a great personality. I would have gone back to the LBJ kids, but who remembers them? I was too young.

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