Where is the line?

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I have clients that operate adult cabarets.  I also have a wife.  I’m not sure I can describe where that line between OK and not OK is, but I know I have not crossed it. Ever.  (Not that opportunities have been wholly absent.)

I am interested in the opinions of others.  Well, maybe not, but it’s new content, so be happy with that.

9 thoughts on “Where is the line?

  1. Duh! I thought you were one of those amoral lawyers. “The line” is nothing more than a wispy suggestion of a gray area the size of the Pacific. Pick a point that you are comfortable with and doesn’t betray your wife’s sensibilities. Stick with it or some such other inane, simplistic suggestion.

  2. “[My]wifes sensibilities”? WTF? You think I disclose anything other than general location (and not even that sometimes)? NEVER FORGET THE 1ST RULE: (in case you forgot, it’s “what happens in the club stays in the club.” Say it with me.) Plus, all this shit is strictly FICTIONAL. I have never been to a strip club. If I have, I never bought a dance. If I bought a dance, I didn’t enjoy it. If I enjoyed it, I thought of my wife the whole time. If I didn’t think of the wife, I must have thought of baseball (out of practical necessity if for no other reason).

  3. “Pick a point that you are comfortable with ” That would be “NONE of these are over the line” in the poll to your right. As of this moment, I am adopting the President Clinton definitions for situations like these, since he is a fellow “amoral lawyer” and experienced in thse matters. That way, instead of staring “the line” in the face the next time somebody offers a friendly 210 and is half serious about it, we won’t have to have this conversation, because “no thank you” is certainly more understandable than trouble some definitions like “is.”

  4. Well, no, for two reasons:
    A. Everything on this blog is a lie.
    B. The above statement is a lie.
    (props to Jimmy for that brainfart of logic)
    Actually, PHid made the comment, so unless you are PHid, you sorta gotta sit back and watch him excoriate me. (Excoriate is today’s word of the day). I think I have granted Phid some editorial powers, but after my hard work in blathering on in response, I would prefer PHid did not exercise them.

  5. “I don’t know… is this the Bada Bing Club? If so, then the said lap dances were what are called “comps” in la Cosa Nostra, ya know what I mean? Can’t exactly refuse those, now, can we? Your clients might become offended.

    I somehow got on the edit page and deleted it – D-oooh!!

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