Shrek 2 sucks

Derivative, plodding, poorly paced, formulaic tripe.

  • No dragon (she was moody so Donkey moved out is the “explanation”).
  • Cookies, mice and wolves are too important to the plot.
  • Gigantic plot holes surrounding time and distance – Far, far away (how original) is 700+ miles from the swamp. Shrek takes days to get there. The mice/cookie/wolf get there immediately, with no dragon and no explanation.
  • Predictable closing number. Bad, old news song choice (la vida loca) – actually, most of the music choices is uninspiring.
  • Little jokes are there and generally amusing, but are no substitute for the lame-ass plot.
  • King and queen are almost totally unfunny, too.
  • Plenty of fart/burp jokes. Woo-hoo.

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