Triumph the dog

3 thoughts on “Triumph the dog

  1. Well, if your god is a sock, and you’re wearing the sock when you step in dog poop, then…
    Ouch. My brain hurts now, between the homeless dude’s sign and the apparent blasphemy(is that where you’re going?) and the self-referential pschobabble associated with internet “sock puppets” and the sockpuppet spokesthing for this blog.

  2. It hurt my brain too. The blasphemy part didnt’ hit me so much (one is used to that here) as the wierd visual juxtaposition with the handsome gentleman and his sign, and possible dyslexia – the old God spelled backwards thing. Then of course there’s your inherent God-like nature……….hard to wrap one’s head completely around it.
    Yes, ouch.

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