Stupid fricking traffic engineers – er “planners”

2 lanes plus 2 left turn lanes and one right turn lane at an intersection by my house is now down to one of each.  Every other direction is reduced by at least one lane at this intersection.  On the other hand, we have a median lane (lose the center turning lane) that is striped (no entry) and is 4 lanes wide.  WTF????????

Why?  Because every traffic engineer planner in the world (except the one I know) is a fricking idiot!

Traffic calming can kiss my ass.  My theory is that the city plans to install speed traps after these artificial bottlenecks.  F***ers.

2 thoughts on “Stupid fricking traffic engineers – er “planners”

  1. I can’t speak for your wonderful slice of heaven, but in my city, the idea of traffic calming comes not from the traffic engineers, but from the fertile (read full of shit) minds of the dreaded PLANNERS. Planners are people who seemingly are paid to come up with new and innovative ways of f***ing up things that are currently working. Unfortunately in the current urban political climate, planners seem to be regarded just slightly higher than God. I think they regualarly go to planning conventions to devise the f***up of the year, as the bad ideas seem to be implemented in all geographic areas at the same time. I guess the idea behind traffic calming (the current fad) is that people really like to spend more time in their cars, not at home or wherever they might be trying get. The hell with efficiency, clean air and mental health. If your city traffic engineer really thought this was a good idea, then he really is an idiot, and wanker. He should be summarily fired, tarred and feathered. Sorry for rambling, but this kind of sh*t pisses me off.

  2. I KNEW I could get you to open up that keyboard. (I assume that you know that I exempted you if “traffic engineer” even applies to what you do). BTW, I was referred to the traffic engineer by some reception person.
    I know that engineers are the godlike minions who make the brain farts of the governmental idea people into something that works, regardless of whether it is a good idea.
    The particular intersectionm near the mega mall, almost never backs up. Thjank goodness they have fixed that problem. (They want us to ride the bus). this town also opposed a carpool lane on the hwy through town if it meant adding a lane – that would just encourage people to use the hwy WITH CARS – EEK. Since it’s 108 (Celsius) today, I think only a planner would ride a bike or wait in the sun at a bus stop, but what do I know?

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