Last comic standing

More stupid “reality”/talent contest crap.  But, there was a guy named John Wessling on there.  He is apparently this guy.  He could be the guy that we called Weasel in jr. high.  Also “Burrhead” for his flatteringly short haircuts.

3 thoughts on “Last comic standing

  1. I’m John Wessling, the “Burrhead” of which you speak and the comic on LCS. Which Jr. High did you know me from, I moved ALOT. It’s great to hear the nicknames I didn’t even know I had, we must not have been friends…So, how did YOU turn out?

  2. Hey John. Interesting set on LCS, but hard to get a real impression from the snippets on TV. Apparently you didn’t fit the idealized profile for the house. Or forgot to give the producers a friendly reacharound or something. Too bad.
    The John Wessling I knew was at Milwood Jr. High in Kalamazoo MI for a while in the 1970s. I tried to be a friend to the guy, but sometimes I got pulled over to the dark side with the burrhead/weasel bit. I sent you an email from one of the sites where your bio is posted. Some earthlink account.
    Send me an email if you’re that guy and we can catch up. If you’re not him, then thanks for stopping and good luck. Either way , come back anytime.

  3. Sorry I’m not him, I’m about ten years too young, but shocking how the descriptions are still accurate. Thanks for the good wishes, take it easy.

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