View from the Outside

4 thoughts on “View from the Outside

  1. Speaking of Ronnie, I love the clip of him at the top of your page. I remember his making that gesture so well.
    May I use it in one post to accompany the comments that I’ve written about him?
    I’ll copy it to my server and not impose upon yours.
    Thank you,
    PS. Very Good blog–got here via Purple Car.

  2. Welcome.
    That’s just my little tribute to ol’ Death Valley Days Raygun.
    Feel free to use what’s here (with the usual attrigbution courtesies). The Ronnie Gif isn’t mine, so your use of it is not up to me, and not something for attribution to me – I got it off some message board years ago.
    Come by anytime. I gave you a blogroll for stopping by.

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