I am an e- megalomaniac

There is this virtual planet called NationStates.  it’s sort of an RPG for poli sci geeks, but its kinda cool to create countries.  (the RPG part takes place in the forums.)

Here is what I created

Region:  Eat the Rich


I got busted by the IT admin, who killed The Most Serene Republic of

Assrapeistan, The Holy Empire of Irfnibutanica and The Theocracy of

Hagfish Worshippers .  Something about dead guys voting or

something… (but voter fraud IS in character)

Remaining members:

The Kingdom of Penis Lord of Scum

The Free Land of Arbiters of Succession

The Dictatorship of Free Love and Cookies

The Holy Empire of Lameistan and

The Colony of Iraqistanianopolis

Check it out.


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