So I was watching CNN

and they were talking about a secret senator mission to Iraq to talk to the puppet government about “restoring democracy.”  And I had to wonder – when was Iraq EVER a democracy.”  Don’t you have to have something and lose it before it can be restored?

Also, I hear the Puppet Government of Iraq  (U.S. terr.) is considering imposing martial law.

2 questions.  Isn’t that what they have now from our occupying forces, and isn’t that basically what they had under Saddam?


despot oppression –> Occupier oppression –> bureaucratic puppet government oppression.  Some “liberation.”


2 thoughts on “So I was watching CNN

  1. A real pisser is that, depending on which poll you read, about half the country still thinks the invasion was justified. Of course, I don’t understand how Bush’s approval rating can get an upward bounce simply because some other dunce from the GOP kicks the bucket.
    Do you ever feel like you’re Roddy Piper in “They Live?”

  2. They Live – my favorite movie featuring a pro wrestler, followed not at all cclosely by Rocky III (featuring the Hulkster as Thunderlips)
    I don’t feel like Piper, more like the guy in the wagon that the cops beat the s*** out of.
    You had to know that GWB wiould get a reacharound in the polls after the lionization of St. Ronny, the patron saint of Bonzo. as they said when Elvis croaked, “good career move.”

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