Voices in My Head

So there’s these voices in my head (#3) that sound like this:

Actually, I was listening to the GoGos this morning, realizing that it was 20 years ago this summer when Talk Show came out, which is more of a tribute to cocaine-fueled energy than good music, but I still like it. And them.

I was working at the BK Lounge for the last time (plus the Sparkle Buggy Wash and the school for severely retarded kids), and trying to date Annette, and redecorating the basement of the frat house in early 70s grafitti, which mostly involved drinking 12ers of Wiedeman’s on a daily basis, and nailing myself to a board. So I started thinking about the other shit I did back in the day.

Anyway, one of those 80s rituals was popping in a Beta of this classic movie. (Who says I’m not a “trendy art fuck?”)

Hopefully P Glass won’t shoot me for giving you the merest taste of his music The imagery of the movie is nothing without the soundtrack. Ask OG Fred.

It’s probably been 10 or 15 years since I’ve seen Koyaanisqatsi. If you haven’t seen it, your life is empty and meaningless.

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