King George declares…

King George declares that Kerry is equivalent to Hitler. I used to have a link that pointed to Shrub’s version of “Morning in America” Apparently Kerry is responsible for of unaffiliated organizations like Move On

Not George. Not for Swift boats or the other shrill bootlickers. RNC and GOP went nuts when Moveon solicited ads and one of these independent submissions equated Bush and Hitler. Strangely silent are the elephants about this ad.

Cretins, avaricious liars and thieves. SSDD.

One thought on “King George declares…

  1. I actually see this commerical as pro Dem.
    It shows Dems all fired up about changing things. Damn straight!
    The Bushies think we should be in a perpetual narcotized haze and not notice what’s going on in the White House. Well, I think (I hope) that a solid majority has snapped out of it.
    The Hitler thing is just too stupid for words.

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