My New Toy

BSOD would be a step up from this adventure…

Like a doof, I allowed my Sony PCV-RX752 to die. Mysteriously, it “lost” a couple of sectors on the C drive to the MTBF demons. Then, I lost a couple of dll files, which prevented the computer from booting up. The HD was partitioned into C and D drives, so I used the OMFG disks to get me back to where I was by restoring the C drive. Simple enough, right? Not quite – the OMFG program pulled an OMMFG stunt by crashing after the program ran for a little bit. “WARNING.Your computer is F***ed. You are screwed. Bend over and take it like a man.” I swear I saw that message flashing on the screen. Or maybe I was swearing so much I didn’t see anything.

Anyway, the Sony is sittling on the floor, and I am typing on this.  The only drawback is the 3 years of financial records that are gone. And every dig photo I ever took (~1K). And every bit of e-music, (about 3 DAYS worth).


But, my cousin Mad Magazine works for hp, so this is like $ in his pocket.

2 thoughts on “My New Toy

  1. God, now its so hard to blog at home, because I just want to bump out the tunes and play this WWII shooter game in mondosurround. The tanks are a little unnerving when the entuire house shakes as they approach. If nothing else, its a nice break from bitching about the king or retelling stories that *ahem* “never happened.”

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