I am committed now

Or I should be committed – for the first time in my life, I sent some cash to a political candidate, and some to a party as well. Look in the right column if you need help figuring out who got $5.01 and $10.14, respectively.  Why weird numbers?  Because I am a dork, according to my expert advisors. The last time I was this politically active was…. never.

Came close in 1992 when I went to a campaing rally headlined by US Rep. David Skaggs on the Boulder mall, and 1994 when Sen. Hank Brown came to my public lands class and was an ass.

Before that, there was an assembly where 8 Barrel made one of his political stands and got a picture out of it.  I got a nice nap out of it.

In 1976, I worked on the Ford campaign.  I have no idea why. When I run for president, I will be sure to have preteens manning the phones, because experience shows THAT is the key to certainty in election results.  Not victory so much, but certainty.

My “Picard Riker ’92” sticker probably doesn’t count for shit.

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