Moratorium on Political Hoo-hoo

OK, I am all charged up over the Convention, and ready to work for peaceful regime change for the next 97 days.  But not here. Unless something really pisses me off (like how Bush changed his stump speech to co-opt some of Kerry’s themes and continues with gutter political ads), or gets me all charged […]

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Pimp My Sock

Player Appreciate: Don’t Player Hate, PlayerAppreciate MP’s Pimp Name is: Suede M. Jazz My real (Wink Dinkerson) Pimp Name is: Pimp Daddy W. Shmoove This site links to amazon so you can buy “Dolemite Collection.”  This  and this are what they mean.  This is what I thought they meant.  I am such a nerd.   (BTW, my “Nerd”Pimp […]

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Text of Sharpton address

Not a president, but man what a speaker Go Al go (video, off script) Text of Sharpton address Good evening, Mr. Chairman, Assembled Delegates, Honored Guests and Friends: Throughout the history of this nation, Americans have fought to protect our freedoms at home and to secure our nation against foreign and domestic threat. We gather […]

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One of the top links on Drudge on the 3rd day of the convention Iraqis Pay Tribute to U.S. Service Members… But what’s that date?  2 months ago?  Hmmmm

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