A sure sign of my own apocalypse…

I spent money on the Harry Potter conglomerate.  The Bear and I went to this thing yesterday.  This was the first time I ever spent any money on HP.  No books, no movies, no dvds, no pointy wizard hats.  HP was and is the equivalent of Barney in my house – persona non grata.

We have been successful in avoiding the hype and consumer frenzy associated with this franchise.  Yet, we couldn’t keep the kids from being exposed.  At least it’s manageable, much like our earlier efforts to keep the kids from getting hooked on annoying pop culture blather.

So anyway, the movie is OK.  A lot of beat you over the head foreshadowing, and some quick simplistic resolutions for some difficult scenarios.  But the kiddies (Bear and a friend from school) liked it

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