Avoid M.D.F. like the plague

Sit back with some high gravity malt liquor, a pack of Camels and a revolver.  It’s you or the stereo.  One of you is not walking out of here after this aural assault…

We are the Mutant Dog Fuckers. The official Phi Sigma Kappa metal band of June 1986.

What a bunch of drunken goofs. At their best, these punks sound like a lounge act of the damned. Imagine Wayne Newton singing Grim Reaper’s “See You in Hell” while on an amyl Nitrate and Pall Mall bender.

At their worst (as if there were a distinguishable difference between MDF’s *best* and *worst*), like the title track, they sounded (and looked) like Nikki Sixx during a visit to the porcelain shrine after mainlining Jack Daniels.

To think I was their lead “singer.” Good thing all the demos were destroyed/lost/stolen or eaten by escaped monkeys.

Liner notes:

Radar: “vocals,” kazoo, mike stand (a la Freddie Mercury and that Quiet Riot guy)
: Percussion
: Guitar, Sitar, bass, perch, vocals
Mike Lebendude
: Grunge pit, crowd surfer
(aka Skeletor) and the 3 Jodys: cage dancers, groupies
: classified advertising for dates, chaperone


9 thoughts on “Avoid M.D.F. like the plague

  1. Apparently, “S*** on the devil” by MDF was not the most offensive, putrid, crappy half-assed attempt to make horrible music ever. Apparently, some twit lowered the bar a couple of years earlier.
    Read at your peril (You must be 18+ and insensitive to graphic 20 year old misogyny and bad rewrites of songs about stalkers) – Repository of vileness.
    If you thereafter are compelled to gouge out your eyes, remember, you were warned.

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