Cheney Likes Being an Albatross

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Vice President Dick Cheney  on Wednesday sought to dispel any suggestion that he might not run for re-election with President Bush (news – web sites) in November, saying, “He’s made his decision. I’ve made mine.”

… (More) Yahoo! News – Cheney Insists He Will Run with Bush

I’m not sure why being an albatross is so bad, other than that seagulls are like flying rats, and an alb is one big fricken gull.  Being Cheney is bad in a “path straight to hell” sort of way, but as Washington rats go, I doubt he could fly.  Whatever any of that means.

Now that the rhetorical colitis is over, just remember, a vote for Nader is like a fart – brief satisfaction and relief, offensive to everyone around you, and ultimately insignificant in the grand scheme of things.  Plus it causes global warming.

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