Kneel Before Zod

Quizzes – Better Personality

This is what screwing around when I am supposed to be working got me.

20 Questions to a Better Personality

Wackiness: 50/100
Rationality: 64/100
Constructiveness: 62/100
Leadership: 56/100

You are an SRCL–Sober Rational Constructive Leader. This makes you an Ayn Rand ideal.

Taggart? Roark? Galt? You are all of these. You were born to lead. You may not be particularly exciting, but you have a strange charisma–born of intellect and personal drive–that people begin to notice when they have been around you a while. You don’t like to compromise, but you recognize when you have to. You care absolutely nothing what other people think, and this somehow attracts people to you. Treat them well, use them wisely, and ascend to your rightful rank.

3 thoughts on “Kneel Before Zod

  1. You are an SEDF–Sober Emotional Destructive Follower. This makes you an evil genius . You are extremely focused and difficult to distract from your tasks. With luck, you have learned to channel your energies into improving your intellect, rather than destroying the weak and unsuspecting.
    Your friends may find you remote and a hard nut to crack. Few of your peers know you very well–even those you have known a long time–because you have expert control of the face you put forth to the world. You prefer to observe, calculate, discern and decide. Your decisions are final, and your desire to be right is impenetrable.
    You are not to be messed with. You may explode.

  2. evil genius?” I agree for 200, Alex
    “destroying the weak and unsuspecting?” SSDD, as they say, since, being an evil GENIUS, your intellect hardly needs improving.
    “Your friends may find you remote…” I usually find my remote stuffed inthe crack of the couch. Try that -you don’t need my help. Also, as an evil genius, you probably have a secret volcoano lair on a remote desert island that I have not yet found.
    “and a hard nut to crack.” I have never tried to crack your hard nut. Or any other nut of yours. I have cracked other nuts (those of non-evil nongeniuses), and I suspect yours would offer a similar vunerability to a swift patella. Not that I am offering to test your evil toughness or anything.

  3. Also, SEDF is what voting “left” gets you. Voting “right” gets you:

    Wackiness: 100/100
    Rationality: 100/100
    Constructiveness: 100/100
    Leadership: 100/100
    You are a WRCL–Wacky Rational Constructive Leader. This makes you a golden god. People gravitate to you, and you make them feel good. You are smart, charismatic, and interesting. You may be too sensitive to others reactions, especially criticism. Your self-opinion and mood depends greatly on those around you.
    You think fast and have a smart mouth, is a hoot to your friends and razorwire to your enemies. You hold a grudge like a brass ring. You crackle.
    Although you have a leader’s personality, you often choose not to lead, as leaders stray too far from their audience. You probably weren’t very popular in high school–the joke’s on them!
    You may be a rock star.


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