Our good cyberpal purp has offered up the keys to the purplecar (at least for a week) – PurpleCar :: Guest Bloggers coming! –

Tempting, yet scary, because there’s these foreign concepts to work into what I post in order to blend in, like “intelligent” and “interesting.” And “coherent”?  WTF?

So, read purple car.  Maybe I will drop by to represent the lunatic fringe of the blogosphere.


One thought on “Blogsitting

  1. Dude, you can come and post ONLY if you bring that rockin’ picture! And don’t forget, my first sock puppet love is LambChop… But you’re the King!
    By the way, the crazier, the better. PurpleCar needs some fresh silly air. And you get serious sometimes. Sometimes.
    Serious is way overrated, anyway.

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