Never Never Land

 Man they’re not even trying hard anymore.  No country.  Fake state.  No personal tragedy or abandoned funds, or charitable impulse, just “let me give you money, you gullible imbecile.”
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From: wast []
Sent: Fri 7/23/2004 9:48 AM

Dear Sir,

I was mandated by my Honourable friend who is the incumbent Governor of Rivers State, Governor Peter Odili, to seek for a reputable foreigner with whom he could confidentially transact business with and transfer the sum of $15MUSD [Fifteen Million United States Dollars] into his account for a commission of 20%, while 80% will be for the Honourable Governor.

If you are interested please respond immediately (preferably via email) to:

Mr. wast mark {U.K. Based Permanent Resident}
Tel: 44 7919 454458

More detailed information will be made available to you as soon as we receive your positive response.

Kind Regards

Mr. wast mark

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