Ron Reagan

What a fine speech by Ron Reagan (almost as good as Obama’s).  Great speaking voice, well rehearsed, way closer to the facts on stem cell research than GWB was on anything Iraq.

Michael Reagan, another son, and a GOP puppet, is apparently airing out family jealousies.  Bitter crybaby:

“Dueling Reagans: Michael Reagan slams brother Ron, says he’s ‘being used’ by the Dem Party… /// Michael charges brother Ron did not attend USS Ronald Reagan homecoming because he is a ‘liberal’ who does not believe in it and because it is ‘weapon of mass destruction’, says Nancy approves of Ron’s speech at the Dem convention because ‘he’s her favorite’… Developing… ”

SOURCE:  jackbooted rightwing propaganda site (aka “Drudge Report”).  Sorry, no gratuitous linkage to the spew.

Ron Reagan’s speech


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