Too Stupid To Be President ?

Indulge your inner Bush hater

Too Stupid To Be President

Top 11 reasons Dubya fell from his bicycle… again.
11. Departing Clinton staffers tampered with it.
10. Wanted to test the new helmet and mouth guard provided by the Secret Service after he fell during his last vacation, in May.
9. When you’re a dry-drunk, every day is earth day.
8. Still trying to make people forget about how he was thrown by a Segway Scooter.
7. Training wheels removed for photo-op.
6. Needed pretext to declare “War on Gravity!”
5. Lost in Lance Armstrong fantasy (Condoleezza Rice as Sheryl Crow).
4. Derailleur = French treachery!
3. Dick Cheney keeps telling him to live on the edge.
2. The Texas Air National Guard spent a million dollars to train him as a fighter pilot, not to ride a bicycle.
1. He’s still too afraid of horses to ride one.

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