Moratorium on Political Hoo-hoo

OK, I am all charged up over the Convention, and ready to work for peaceful regime change for the next 97 days.  But not here.

Unless something really pisses me off (like how Bush changed his stump speech to co-opt some of Kerry’s themes and continues with gutter political ads), or gets me all charged up (like Obama), anyway .

But now my brain hurts from all this political thinking, and the seriousness of the next election.  Soooo, now back to the weirdness of my life, until sometime next month when Cheney starts lying to a national audience (beginning right after “My fellow Americans…”).


One thought on “Moratorium on Political Hoo-hoo

  1. Well, it’s not a complete moratorium. The “new” threats prompting the change from Bert to Ernie were based mostly on old information thsat these places were considered as targets. But, as a CIA dude explained on NPR, targeting is only one step in the process (I don’t know if terrorists use a formalized process, but there are some chronological truths thety must adhere to, like identifyin a target before making specific plans to blow it up). Anyway, that guy thought that the T Ridge press conference and the HSD response to this “threat” was overblown, and inappropriate. But, hysteria and terror fears helps the incumbent. And, it dropped the post convention buzz right out of the news cycle, and builds a 4 week suspense campaign for the GOP convention (“C’mon back to the trailer, Myrtle. We gotta see if them terists and there nukular bombs blows up anything at that there convention”)

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