Traveling Puppet Show

Puppet and its masters are hitting the road. No, there have been no subpoenas from Congress, despite all the free speech practiced on this blog. The puppet show is headed here on 10/8, with plenty of stops in the giant mitten through the 16th.

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GOP Love Fest

In “honor” of the staged coronation and 9-11 co-opting in NYC, I will refrain from using words like AWOL, DUI, jackbooted thugs, brownshirts and chimp. God help us if this goof (and his cadre of avaricious, imperialist, deluded henchmen and cronies) gets reelected GOP= “big tent”  

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Thanks again, NCAA

This time, some Southern Cal dude (Mike Williams) gets hosed, because the NFL and the Courts battled it out and said he couldn’t gopro.  Actually, they said that about some Ohio State dude. This is different than Jeremy Bloom’s situation (trying to be a pro in different sport) than football), but still, this is people […]

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NCAA = Hypocritical Pieces of Shit

Drew Henson had a $3 million paycheck from the Yankees while playing football at Michigan. A bunch of other jocks have played pro baseball and then played amateur football. Football players wear uniforms by Nike under multi-million dollar endorsement deals with schools. Players wear shoes supplied under separate endorsement deals with coaches. Yet, somehow, endorsements […]

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I missed my calling

riders of the apocalypse and Toto, too

I shoulda joined ROTC, and grown up to be the presidential dog walker

US President George W. Bush (C), US Vice President Dick Cheney (2nd-L), US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (2nd-R), Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Richard Myers (R), and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice (L), walk out address reporters 23 August 2004 at Bush’s Crawford, Texas ranch. The group was at the ranch for Bush’s Defense Policy and Program Teams meeting held annually at the ranch.


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