Did you really think…

I would neglect to mention this:


One Last Salute

DenverPost.com – John Elway / Hall

Not a chance that I would let this go by. Too many close calls, too many (2) seasons under Wade Phillips, too many years of retirement speculation in the Denver Press during the early 90s (after the SB busts and the slow circle around the bowl that marked the end of Reeves’ and Phillips’ careers in Denver). Plus, he drove the SB 32 parade right in front of my office.

So much for the adopted team. The “hometown” guy (Barry Sanders) got in too.

If I was in the HOF and my Dad introduced me as “THIRD best” I would kick his ass.




4 thoughts on “Did you really think…

  1. Now remember, the Browns now have as little to do with the Browns of “The Drive” as the Houston Texans have to do with the Houston Oilers. Those old Browns are now the Ravens, and they have owned the Broncos since Elway retired.
    Anyway, reciprocity is always appreciated. Holla to copygodd!

  2. it matters not. we got to keep our name and colors, so we’re the browns once again. ravens suck. art modell is the antichrist.
    btw, i loved elways head in the godfather.

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