How can you not read a post that begins…

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  1. I wish people would stop wasting time, energy and money on forensic analyses of the candidates’ pasts. Yes, evidence suggests that Kerry had guts and fortitude while by all accounts Dubyah was a spoiled brat asshole. What matters now is that the shrub is still a spoiled brat asshole. If Kerry still had any courage, he would denounce Bush’s war for the immoral, illegal and unbelievably stupid action it is. Instead, he says he would still vote to give the president authorization knowing what he knows today. It may be cliche, but it takes a lot of character to admit you made a mistake.
    I’ll still vote for Kerry since he’s the only viable alternative to King George , but I’ve lost a whole lot of enthusiam about doing so.
    Maybe Michigan Football can salvage this fall for me.

  2. Focus groups for each side of this say be as close to each other as possible it seems. Kerry’s distinction, as I understand it, is having/giving the authority is OK. Did he say he would greenlight the same war for Halliburton on the same absence of justification? Authority to use force and using force in a bogus cause is not a bright line distinction, and unlikely to make joe six pack think differently. GWB has been sniffing Kerry’s butt all over the west: “I care about you too” (plus, it cuts down the press coverage of Kerry when GWB is arriving the next day) Asshats.
    Yes, football will save the fall yet again.

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