News Flash – Cardinals Suck

Visualize the suckage

Quentin Harris was a tackling Machine. (Some of those tackles were broken, however, but he did not give up any scores, except for a fake field goal.) I have met him and his family, but I won’t share their details. Sorry.

I used to represent another Cardinal safety (J.J. McCleskey) but I never met him – just dealt with his agent, (who, in Jerry Maguire terms, was more Tom Cruise than Jay Mohr) a couple of years ago.

Denny Green has a hopeless task in unwriting the Bidwill era of inertia and incompetence to overcome. The Cards suck at the details, like:

  • Free Safeties shouldn’t be making all the tackles. There are 300 lb guys that ought to be the run stoppers.
  • Club seats should actually be comfortable.
  • Free eats in the club level, should actually be cooked, and should be more than trays of BBQ beef every fricking game.
  • And would it hurt to paint the concrete? Drywall is cool when you build your own house, but not so much when you’re payng $150 per seat for a preseason crapfest. (Luckily, the seats were gratis.)

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