NCAA = Hypocritical Pieces of Shit

Drew Henson had a $3 million paycheck from the Yankees while playing football at Michigan. A bunch of other jocks have played pro baseball and then played amateur football. Football players wear uniforms by Nike under multi-million dollar endorsement deals with schools. Players wear shoes supplied under separate endorsement deals with coaches. Yet, somehow, endorsements as a pro skier (the only way to get funded) is different.

I remember a bunch of years ago, where Steve Alford or some other dorky white boy basketballer at IU appeared on a charity calendar, and the NCAA got all high and mighty about using one’s athletic fame to generate $. Rumeal Robinson appeared on a souvenir front page of the Detroit Free Press and again, the NCAA wet its pants.

This is different. Skiing endorsement deals are unrelated to Bloom as a CU wideout. He is not exploiting his amateur fame. Basically, the NCAA is saying “up yours” unless your pro sport has a league that pays salaries. GFY, swimmers, skiiers, gymnasts, polo wieners…


Courtesy: David Plati, Assistant AD/Media Relations
Release: 08/24/2004

Jeremy Bloom

Courtesy: Associated Press
Bloom’s last touchdown reception as a Buff, an 81-yard play at Florida State.

BOULDER –  An independent NCAA appeals committee Tuesday voted to uphold last week’s staff ruling that ended the collegiate football career of University of Colorado junior Jeremy Bloom. On August 16, the NCAA staff ruled to deny a request for reinstatement filed this past July by the school on behalf of Bloom…. more

6 thoughts on “NCAA = Hypocritical Pieces of Shit

  1. OSU?! WTF? Do their star “student” athlete even go to class? OK, well imagine that basketweaving was a professional sport. What if noted Rhodes scholar and NFL washout Andy Katzenmoyer took his “theories of basketweaving” education to the next level and went on the pro tour. What if he needed endorsement $ to train and compete (because we all nknow no college football players ever receive money or other extra benefits (Maurice Clarett))? Shouldn’t he be able ot do both things? HE is not profiting off his amateur fame and there is no salary. It’s not like Art Schlister[sp] trying to go on Celebrity Poker…

  2. I had a chance to go to OSU honors college” (as it was called back in the day), but it was like $6,000 a year for out of state tuition in 1980-something dollars. (About a year’s wages at BK Lounge rates.) Plus, all my UM-bound homies talked me out of it, under the premise that I was less likely to get laid at OSU than anywhere, unless I dropped my philisophical objections to shagging toothless inbred Hillbilly-Americans. Or something like that.
    Anyway, no regrets for staying out of Ohio, but no real hate for Ohio either (other than the usual Big 10/MAC “you suck we rule” stuff). So, yeah, it’s probably a “real” school, but, CU is “realer.” Some book says so

  3. i had a class with mike tomzcack once. (shows how old i am.) he was there one time during the quarter, slept through it, and still passed. but i’m sure nothing like that happens at cu. with all the drunken rape parties, who has time to go to class? 😉
    seriously, the cu dude got dicked. the players should be paid a stipend of some sort. they make assloads of money for the university and aren’t even allowed to hold the most menial of part-time jobs. stupid ncaa.

  4. i’m sure nothing like that happens at cu. with all the drunken rape parties, who has time to go to class? 😉

    Our footballers do go to class, but no strippers, beer bongs or weed between 8 am and 5 pm. It’s the rule

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