Thanks again, NCAA

This time, some Southern Cal dude (Mike Williams) gets hosed, because the NFL and the Courts battled it out and said he couldn’t gopro.  Actually, they said that about some Ohio State dude.

This is different than Jeremy Bloom’s situation (trying to be a pro in different sport) than football), but still, this is people being open and upfront, and getting screwed by some peckerwood in a cheap suit. – NCAA Football – NCAA denies reinstatement request for USC’s Williams – Thursday August 26, 2004 4:12PM


2 thoughts on “Thanks again, NCAA

  1. I agree with you about the NCAA being wrong, BUT, Mike Williams was trying to follow an idiot in the NFL. If Mike Williams had been the first one to try to get in the NFL, I think the NFL would of been more receptive.
    Williams should of sat back and watched how Clarett did with the lawsuits before announcing his intentions since there was plenty of time before the draft. Maurice Clarett was the wrong pioneer for this situation and Mike Williams will pay for it, even though I don’t agree that Williams shouldn’t be able to play in college.

  2. Mo C an idiot? How can it be since he is a product of TOSU, the last bastion of academical and athletic purity and amateurism left in the free world. Actually, MW boinked himself by hiring an agent. B-ballers can declare for the draft and recant, so long as they don’t hire an agent. MW could have carved out that exception for F-ballers if he just said no to an agent. Under the facts, agent or no, he still got shafted.

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