3 thoughts on “Unjeeped

  1. First fill up – 100 miles/ 4 gallons= 25 mpg
    2nd fillup – 283.2 miles/9.891 gallons= 28.6
    About 28 bucks
    My tank is 13.2 gallons
    For comparison
    Jeep 383 miles = almost 2 full tanks. At least 60 bucks

  2. I understand your motivation, but you were one of two people I’ve known who bought an offroad vehicle and actually used it off road. No doubt your Jeep is now in the hands of some poseur who will put it into four-low to climb a 3% driveway grade.
    Enjoy your new-found wealth!

  3. Well, I could swap in an AWD drivetrain form a Matrix, throw on a 6″ spacer life and some 33s and…..
    BTW, I am only getting 28 in the city. Merely double the Jeep.

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