Game on, Mr. President

John Kerry for President – Rapid Response Center REVIEWS KEEP COMING IN: CNN / GALLUP POLL ON WHO WON DEBATE Kerry: 53 Bush: 37 CBS POLL ON WHO WON DEBATE: Kerry: 44 Bush: 26 Tie: 30 ABC POLL ON WHO WON DEBATE: Kerry: 45 Bush 36: Tie: 17 Mort Kondracke: “This is the President’s turf, […]

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Bumbler in Chief Loses Debate

Why Kerry Won the Debate John Kerry staked out a strong plan to win the war on terror. John Kerry showed us a new direction for success in Iraq. John Kerry told the truth about Iraq. Why Bush Lost the Debate George Bush stubbornly refused to face reality. George Bush failed to deliver a plan […]

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Thank Goodness for Clarity

You’ve got to be able to speak clearly in order to make this world a more peaceful place. — Springfield, Ohio, Sep. 27, 2004 You can’t lead this country if your ally in Iraq feels like you question his credibility. — Janesville, Wisconsin, Sep. 24, 2004 I think it’s very important for the American President […]

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Star Wars sucks

SO, I rented the first Star Wars (now called Episode IV in its title) which just came out on DVD.  (It was sorta hard to resist the *buy it now* ad campaign, so I compromised)  I always thought it was great 27 years ago at the Beacon theater.  What a bonding experience to have with the […]

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