The GOP Convention

was ended with some sort of fairy tale told by GWB.  Not “My Pet Goat” which I understand was his previously most significant recitation of fiction (not counting the annual SOTU).

Anyway, here is what I thought about the speak, in all brutal, non-partisan honesty.

Those Broncos looked totally incompetent against the woeful AZ Cardinals.  P.J. Alexander (reserve O-line) seemed fine for the Broncos, but it was hard to track his play on Cards TV.  He is a friend of Cards FS Quentin Harris and former teammate at Syracuse.  I met him at Peter Piper Pizza last spring.  Harris seemed like his usual fly to the ball self.

Seriously – I got nothing on the president’s reading of Karl Rove’s propaganda, because I happily and intentionally watched preseason football instead.  between meaningless preseason events, always choose the one with scantily clad cheerleaders.  That rule got me where I am today.

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