Hey OG Fred

No charge for the big shout out in the previous post, Dr. Love. (and no, that wasn’t a photo of me.  I think.) Lay some wordage on us.  And shit.

4 thoughts on “Hey OG Fred

  1. Actually, I faked my resume. Truth is, I barely made it through the masters program.
    Sorry, that was too easy.
    I barely have time to check in with Mr. Puppet most days. I’m trying to get our kitchen back together, having completely dismantled it over a year ago. Amazing what a ruptured lumbar disc will do to progress. Hopefully, when Messenger and the footies come by, we can at least not worry about someone falling throught he gaps in the flooring.
    As for “wordage,” I’m afraid that my living room is just not as inspirational as my parents basement after a few rellim reebs.
    Maybe its the Bells.
    Call me Quasi.
    More later.

  2. It took mwe a minute to get it. Ouch
    Dude, I celebrate the fact that you spoke again in print. Anything you want to say is fine as long as it’s not a Superman is really Clark Kent sort of revelatiion.
    Sometimes, I almost lose my will to put on a sock and post about it, but how else are people going to know critical information like what Gene Simmons taking a dump in Japan looks liike. It’s my duty – no – my gift to society. And shit.
    WTF is “call me quasi”? I need a refresher on what I am guessing is an obscure drunken reference that neither you nor I know anything about. 😉

  3. Sorry; it was a weak attemp to play on the Bell’s thing with a Victor Hugo twist (UM – Notre Dame is this weekend.) I guess it was a little too stream-of-conciousness. I know what you mean about the will to post. I don’t know how you do it most every day. By the time I’m done dealing with life, it just seems to take too much effort to acutally think.
    Thanks for the nudge.

  4. I just need a little less obliquity (?) in my old age. I remember “f***ed up and stupid” (although I don’t remember the prompt for screaming it as loud as possible), but I was left scratching my head on “quasi” – I don’t think I used that word until law school. Unlike “mondo” or the ubiquitous, gratuitous “-oid” suffix. And shit.

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