Vote Bush or Die

it’s not an accident that Cheney said we’ll get 9-11-ed again if Kerry is elected


To be fair, he said if voters make the “wrong choice.”  Does

this mean that if he’s re-=elected and there is another attack, he will

step down (since by his own argument, he must have been the wrong

choice)?  I will start holding my breath now.

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3 thoughts on “Vote Bush or Die

  1. Hey, 911 happened under Bush’s watch, after ignoring the emphasis that Clinton put on Al Queda. Who does that tell you the wrong choice is? The Cinton administration (in spite of its many vices) actively pursued Osama bin Laden and attempted on at least 5 occasions to assassinate him.
    Mr. Bush …. did nothing but hug a fireman at the World Trade Center, then he tried to offer a huge tax break—tax refund in some cases—to large corporations. Then he and Ashcroft cooked up draconian legislation and foisted it on Congress, demanding a vote with no time for our elected representatives to read, much less evaluate the impact of the USA Patriot act.
    Meanwhile, airport security still sucks, but we have long lines to wait in (don’t you feel safer now?). American citizens are being treated as criminals and having their rights flagrantly violated.
    It’s obvious who the wrong choice is!
    Fighting creeping fascism one HTML tag at a time.

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