Worst Show Ever

So I watched 3rd watch last night. What a crapfest of implausibility, so naturally it appealed to me. Plus, Gene Simmons as an actor is always a nice entrancing train wreck. And, a bunch of cops got shot up. Not that I am big on violence on cops, but its a nice contrast to the general post 9/11 deification you usually get. But, there were problems:

  1. Cops murdering suspects in handcuffz – don’t buy it. I had a friend who was a cop and shot some drugged up suspect in the back while trying to restrain cuff him. Acidents I understand, but murder with no pretense of danger or escape? Nope, not buying.
  2. My hero Gene, as the bad guy, was waiting for a helicopter on the helipad. Only problem: the “helipad” had a swimming pool and nothing else. The builiding itself did not have anything that would allow a helicopter landing.

Details. Meh.


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