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Sent: Thu 9/16/2004 2:43 AM

Dear Friend,

Wa-Salaam w’Ala ikum, walhamdililahi wabarakato, I hope you are in Peace of
our dear Allah, May he Bless you abundantly.? I guess you might be astonish
to receive this request from me, as am still a stranger to you. Before
proceeding, I will like to introduce myself a little bit to you, my name is
MUSA ALI HASSAN, the son of ALI HASSAN, popularly known as ALI Chemicals in

My dad was killed by the coalition forceses of America, during their attack
in our country as the war is still going on, with what is still going on in
our country, the American want to take over the whole places and no one
knows what is going to be the result, that is why I am drawing your
attention to the total sum of US$ 7.2 Million (seven million tow hundred
thousand United States dollars) which my father have been storing in one of
his private room in our compound.
That was moved out of our country with the
help of one United Nation to Malaysia. This money was moved successfully and
now we need a truthful and honest person to help us transfer this money to
his/her account, as we don’t know our father’s foreign account details. (Due
to his sudden death)

But before the American could take cover of our country we have manage to
move this money to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, with the help of United
Nations, and at this very moment this money is in the office of the United
Nation in Malaysia. We are seeking for your urgent assistance to help us go
to Malaysia and I will be giving you the contact details of the agency in
Malaysia, for you to be able to go there and transfer this money into your
private or company account, for us to have future again in our life, as we
have lost our beloved dad.

For your kind interest and willingness to help us, we will be giving you 15%
of the total money, and the remaining 85% will be for us.If then you are
interested please don’t hesitate to write me back for
more details on how this transaction can be done.

Thanks and may God bless us through this transaction.


Yours Truly,

Musa Ali Hassan


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