Iowa brings teh Suck

read the game here.

Wifey scored some prime seats, including space for Monkey and Bear.

It rained cats and dogs.  Hawkeye fans tailgated in parking

ramps.  We took wifey’s jeep, so my new car would stay clean

(I am a selfish bastard).

Drunken Hawkeye loser (to anyone within the sound of his voice):  F*** ASU.

7 year old Monkey:  What did he say?

Puppet (pointing to “Fork Iowa” food tent):  Musta said “‘fork’ ASU”, like on that sign.

Ever observant Bear:  No dad, he said “THE EFF WORD.

Puppet – :rolleyes:

DHL (seeing our UM seat cushions):  Michigan sucks.  Iowa pwns j00!!!

Puppet:  Have another Beer, dood

Puppet:  We’ll see about pwnage next week.


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