Pride (In the Name of $$$)

U2 frontman Bono declares “we’re so [Sunday] bloody [Sunday] fucking rich we can singlehandlely forgive all of Mynamar‘s debt. Except that the Edge wants to buy a Maybach 62 for his guitars with his share, so maybe we’ll start with East St. Louis, instead. Or just get more cars for all of us.” Story

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@#$^#%^%%# Comment Spam

OK, this is your one warning.  Crap like Poster’s IP Address: Article URL: Author: Anonymous Title: Mortgage Calculator Body: <a href=””>Mortgage Calculator</a> at <a href=””>Florida Mortgage Company</a> disrepects the sock and will be killed every motherscratching time.  Next time gets a ban.

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FYI Ashlee Simpson is a no talent hack – details here.  Smaller clip here. Blames band  I thought SNL singers did it live – This explains Brittney and Janet Jackson’s appearances.

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