My take

1. Why can’t GWB EVER use Senator Kerry’s name. His phraseology is very precise, and very arrogant.

My Opponent” = think of him in the context of Me

“the Senator” = he is not a person, and [Me] forbid I should reinforce his name.

“he”= fine, I cannot totally marginalize this guy who wants my job.

Never (unless he slips) “Senator,” Mr.” or “John” Kerry

2. The prez said that they were installing democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq, including “checks and balances.” WTF?

In nearly the same breath, shrub extolled the virtues of the (1984) “Patriot” Act. Funny if not so sad. Just as George moves for more guns and less cops and firefighters and hospital services here, but spends my tax money to build that stuff there, the “Patriot” Act takes away checks and balances onh the executive branch.

3. GWB is incapable of admitting that He can err on fundamental issues. He acknowledged that strategeries and tactics need to adapt (not that they have adapted in Iraq or anything), but cannot muster the internal fortitude to acknowledge that maybe the baseline premise (like US domination of the Muslim world) is flawed. Infallible ignorance is what I think it’s called.

4. If you can, watch the next debates on CSpan. It lets you decide for yourself, instead of the shrill bombardment of spin doctors. Plus, you can see things like GWB’s deer in the heasdlights look, and furious note searching. George got all pissy at points, too. Kerry kept his poise, nodded, where the president was actually correct. Karl Rove has spent so much money and energy making GWB into some larger than life figure, yet GWB seemed like more like me at an oral argument than the invincible guardian of truth and jnustice. Not like me in a down to earth sense, but fallible, uncertain, egotistical in a Nero -like way…

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