Indulge Your Inner Weirdo

Puppet and the Gang of Socks are leaving the blogosphere for a couple of days, and by “a couple,” I mean 8 or so. We’re off to Motown, so the sockettes can peer at Canada from a safe distance. And shit. Anyway, for a refreshing change of pace, I would like to fill this Sock with something interesting – so:

OG Fred, Phid, Somebody Else, PurpleCar, Cyn, Palmtops, Copygodd and anybody else who has previously commented (like Elderbear) and wants to, get an account and post up.

If I forgot anybody, it’s because I am a self-absorbed prick who is too lazy to go back through 9 months of my own blogodrivel looking for your pearls of wisdom amongst my swine, and not because I meant to leave you out.

Anyway, it’s like voting: post early; post often.

The Rules of Sock Club

  1. You do not talk about Sock Club
  2. You do not talk about Sock Club
  3. No shirt No shoes
  4. Only two socks to a post
  5. Only one post at a time
  6. If a sock goes limp, taps out, says stop, the post is over
  7. Posts will go on as long as they have to
  8. If it is your first night at Sock Club, you have to Post

Pretty much everything else is up to you.

We’re not out until Friday, but feel free to get a head start.

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