The Party of Hope?

Greetings, all. copygodd here. Taking up the puppet on his invitation to post. Since this is a source of lefty politics, I thought you might enjoy this…

Are the Republicans really the party of hope? Well, if by “hope” you mean “I hope y’all are scared enough to reselect me,” then yeah, I guess they are. Click and download the Themes of the Republican Convention and see what I’m talking about.

Oh, and since this site is also about football, GO BROWNS! (See, I typed in all caps to show that I really love the Browns.)

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One thought on “The Party of Hope?

  1. OMFG!
    I laughed myself stupid. Or at least Pygmy thought I was stupid for laughing when I sent the link to him. He’s still all bent out of shape about I Lie.

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