Hot naked chicks

Geez, I leave the sock for a couple of days and everybody bails.  WTF?

Anyway, I am really leaving this afternoon. Apparently, I have a relative on his deathbed, so this is probably it from me for a few days, since the 20th century hasn’t completely caught up with the mitten state (i.e., when will broadband reach there?).

Anyway, I handed out the keys to a bunch of good folks who only wish they had big sock mouths like me. Or want to give me a sock in the mouth. Or something. Enjoy the change of pace.

And shit.

And, as my parting shot, ponder this.. Separated at birth?

Yes, my master

2 thoughts on “Hot naked chicks

  1. Sorry, MP! I’ll make it up to ya, I promise! I disappeared from the blogging world myself for several days, as this house is bleeding us dry with plumbing problems… But here’s a jibjab link that may be worthy of a post (if you haven’t posted it already)! Check out “good to be in DC”.

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